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Dialogue project

This project aims at creating a critical exchange of ideas between artist and academic. To experiment with the output of the research group, participating members are asked to conduct an interview with a person working within the arts. The idea is to discuss a specific work of art in the broad context of globalisation. The following questions are used as guidelines for the dialogue:

  • Does the work have a global perspective And should it have a global perspective? Does a global perspective provide new critical options? Or, does such a demand on the contrary limit the possiblilities for artistic expression? Are there more pressing issues, other perspectives that are more central to the work than the global?
  • In what way does the problems of globalization affect the work? Are there one or more global dimensions, in relation to recipients, content or aesthetic strategies? Are the global perspective connected to changes in media, genres and aesthetic form?
  • Is globalization a condition that art and aesthetic productions must adapt to, or does artistic expression play an active role in the processes of globalization? On what levels can aesthetic expression influence or shape the processes of a changing world? And should art adapt or rather try to stand firm faced with these changes?

The dialogue project is conducted as both a challenge to the artist as well as the academic. Is it possible to facilitate a productive conversation and what form is most useful for conveying the specific subject?

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